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Brochure Accuracy

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information in the brochure is accurate at the time of printing. Our descriptions are based on assurances from hoteliers. It must be remembered, however, that the brochure is produced some twelve months in advance and naturally changes can occur. If we are advised of any material changes by the hotel we shall do our utmost to pass these on to you as soon as we become aware of them. All map locations are approximate and are not intended to be definitive.


All weather details shown in this brochure have been compiled from information received from the Meteorological Office or relevant tourist authorities. They are to be used purely as a guide only, bearing in mind the changing weather patterns throughout the world. Obviously, we cannot accept any responsibility for the weather conditions at the time of your visit.

Holiday Seasons

The destinations we feature in this brochure are available all year round. Some do have quieter off peak periods when you can take advantage of uncrowded beaches and more personal attention from hotel staff. At this time it may be necessary for hotels to scale down the size of some of their facilities, such as restaurants, to match demand. Similarly, during peak periods, hotels experience full occupancy, which may result in a livelier atmosphere and slower service in busier facilities.


The choice of hotel is crucial to your holiday. The hotels we feature have been selected for their location, their character or their value and may not, therefore, be the best in other respects. If you have any doubts at all please discuss your choice with us. The final selection is, however, entirely up to you.

Check In / Check Out Times

All hotels operate the standard international practice with regard to check in and check out times. Check in is usually between 1400-1600 hours and check out is usually between 1000- 1200 hours (please ensure you clarify the exact check out time with the hotel on arrival). This means you may have to wait some time, if you arrive early, for your room to be made up, and vacate your room perhaps hours before your departure. It may be possible to retain your room until departure on payment of an extra charge, depending on whether the room is required for arriving guests.


Even though we feature some of the best hotels the accommodation may still be considered modest by European standards. Our use of the words superior or deluxe to describe rooms must be read in the context of the hotel description. Single rooms or twins for sole use may vary in standard and position. We are willing to request the hotel to place an extra bed in a twin room and a reduction may be offered. It must be understood, however, that floor and drawer space may be cramped. Beds for children may not be full single size and can often be 'rollaway' style. When we describe a room as having sea view this means you will have some view of the sea. The room may not face the sea and the view may be at an angle. Views may also be obscured by garden foliage. Please note that although we may describe the hotel as on the seafront or overlooking the sea it does not always follow that rooms have sea view. It should be noted that you might find lizards, ants, cockroaches or other insects in your room. This is a fact of life in some hot countries and should not be seen as a sign of dirtiness.

Hotel Facilities

Outdoor activities, beach services, water sports, land sports (including free golf at hotels' own golf courses or other golf courses) and entertainment facilities are shown in good faith as being available but their provision may be limited or they may not be available from time to time due to weather, maintenance or other reasons. In this case, no alternative arrangements or refunds or discounts are provided. Please note that where a hotel offers free water or other sports these may be limited and a deposit for equipment and a charge for instruction may be requested. Please also note that not all facilities and activities mentioned are available free and any charges that apply would be payable locally. We very strongly advise you to check with the hotel on arrival as to exactly what is provided free. If airconditioning is provided, at times this may be subject to energy saving regulations. Please also note that supplies of electricity and water can be erratic. Lifts in some hotels may not have internal doors. Children should be supervised at all times by their parents when using this type of lift. Many resort hotels have open-sided restaurants which attract local bird life, particularly at breakfast time.

Meals & All Inclusive Plans

In general, you cannot expect European standards in some developing destinations. In some areas much of the food has to be imported and meals will vary depending on the style of hotel. Please remember that food is very much a matter of personal taste and preference. Where we offer half or full board arrangements the meals could be on a table d'h�te (fixed menu) basis or buffet-style and drinks are not included. A supplement is usually required for a la carte meals and in some cases the hotel will not allow any credit for the table d'h�te meal not taken. We advise you to check with the hotel before dining. Please note that no refund can be given for meals not taken. All Inclusive plans do not necessarily include 'everything'. Meals are usually restricted to certain restaurants, drinks are usually locally produced and not all activities and land and water sports are included. We very strongly advise you to check with the hotel on arrival as to exactly what is included and also between what times they are included. Also, as the restaurants get very busy, hotels require that the restaurants are pre-booked, and please note that hotels do have a strict dress code, usually for dinner, in their restaurants. For example, smart casual clothes must be worn, and sport dress, shorts, sandals, etc, are not permitted.


Some destinations have a rather relaxed attitude to service. It can be frustratingly slow, but patience and a friendly approach on your part are likely to achieve the best results.

Resort Development & Hotel Renovations

In any resort or destination, building works must be expected and often start without prior warning. Hotels also have to be regularly maintained and refurbished and swimming pools cleaned, but the management will try to ensure minimum inconvenience to guests.


All flights are subject to government approval and may be amended or withdrawn at any time, without Mauritius Holidays Direct incurring liability. The arrangements shown in this brochure are based on scheduled flights (it should be noted that not all airlines provide complimentary meals and drinks). All flights are based in economy class. Upgrades are available at a supplement. It may sometimes be necessary to make stops en route for refuelling or to pick up joining passengers. Owing to security regulations it is not always possible to leave the plane during these stops. Flight durations shown in this brochure are an indication of the time spent in the air and do not include stops en route or time spent between connecting flights. It should be noted that all passengers travel under the conditions of carriage of the airline concerned as printed on their ticket. It is your responsibility to ensure that you reconfirm any onward or return flights. NB: Owing to changes in pressure it is dangerous to fly less than 48 hours after scuba diving. Excessive drinking before boarding your flight could result in you being refused permission to board the aircraft. Most airlines will refuse permission for women to fly who will be 28 or more weeks pregnant on the date of return travel. Failure to comply with airline regulations may result in cancellation and denial of boarding, and we cannot be held liable for any such occurrence.

Luggage Allowance

Luggage allowances will be shown on your air tickets. There is no allowance for infants under 2 years apart from a carrycot and/ or collapsible pushchair. Excess luggage is carried at the airline's discretion and may incur charges payable directly to the airline. Luggage allowance on light aircraft and seaplane transfers varies (please check with us at time of booking). It is entirely your responsibility to ensure you have the correct luggage allowance. Please contact your airline for the up-to-date luggage allowance details.

Seat Allocation

As seats on many international flights are allocated on check in, you are strongly advised to arrive early to secure the seats of your choice. Where the flight originates at another point your choice may be limited. Some airlines are willing to reserve seats in advance, and we will pass on your request. We cannot, however, guarantee that the airline will be able to meet your requirements.


Almost all airlines have adopted a nonsmoking policy and many hotels have also now started adopting a non-smoking policy in hotel rooms, and in the public areas of the hotel. If this information is important to you please check with us at the time of booking.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Travel involving prolonged immobility can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Recent surgery, previous occurrence of DVT and a family history of DVT are among the factors that may increase your susceptibility to the condition. If you are concerned about travelling then you are strongly advised to contact your GP before you depart.

Flight Delays

Delays, unfortunately, may occur through various reasons. Where long flight delays result in lost holiday time, no refunds are given by hotels/suppliers for unused accommodation/services. Similarly, airlines do not usually offer compensation for flight delays. Consequently, Mauritius Holidays Direct is not liable for any costs incurred or loss of enjoyment as a result of any such delay. Recompense for such delays may be claimed through certain types of holiday insurance (please check your holiday insurance covers such losses).

Overseas Airport Taxes

Foreign departure/airport taxes vary and may be payable locally either in foreign currency (e.g. US$ etc.) or in local currency. Please ensure you have enough local and foreign funds to meet these payments. If you are travelling to more than one country on your holiday, you may be required to pay a departure tax at each point.


Restrictions on the consumption of alcohol may be imposed with little or no notice at all by the relevant authorities.

Public & Religious Holidays

Services may be curtailed or limited during certain religious events and public holidays. Please note that such holidays and religious events may be called at very little or no notice at all.

Other Hotel Guests / Functions / Events

At times, various events including functions, conferences, influx of groups, weddings and filming may take place at hotels. We have no control over the acceptance of bookings at the hotels other than our own. We are therefore unable to accept any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by such events, groups or their activities.

Safety & Health

We take the security and safety of our clients very seriously, but, you are, of course, responsible for your own safety. It is tactless for visitors to make a great show of wealth, especially in developing countries. In general, your own common sense must prevail. Please remember that in some destinations the sun can be deceptively strong and those inviting crystal clear waters may conceal strong undercurrents, sharp coral or sea urchins and the like. Take every precaution and take heed of local warnings. Inoculations are entirely your responsibility - please consult your doctor or health centre. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. Please visit their website at

Visas & Passports

Please ensure you have a valid 10 year passport and that it is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. The visa information contained here is for British and Irish passport holders only and is correct at the time of going to press. Holders of other passports (including Commonwealth passports) and of British or Irish passports issued abroad should check with the appropriate consulate or embassy as to the requirements for a visa. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your passport and visa documentation is in order. Failure to do so may lead to denial of exit from this country or of entry overseas. Any costs which consequently arise will be payable by you. It will also be deemed that you have cancelled your holiday and no refunds will be made. At the time of going to press visas are not required for the destinations featured in this brochure (please ensure you check in advance of making your booking). Visa required for stays of over 30 days in Seychelles.

Holiday Selection

Problems can arise beyond our control. In this event please take the matter up with our local agents and/or the hotel. Most problems can be resolved in resort without spoiling your holiday. Complaining on your return will be too late. We know from experience that most holiday complaints arise as a result of choosing the wrong holiday, so please choose carefully and seek our advice. Overall, patience and understanding are invaluable.